Langhorne Rod and Gun Club is currently at capacity but we are still taking membership applications. If you put in an application, you will be admitted into the club when a spot opens up in the order that the applications are received provided you meet all of the requirements. We accept applications at every monthly meeting held on the first Thursday night (December is the SECOND Thurs.) each month starting at 6:30pm. We stop taking applications at the start of our meeting, which is 7:30pm. Applications are not permitted to be taken out of the building and we do not accept applications at other times outside of these dates.


Prospective members must have a sponsor to join. A sponsor is a club member in good standing that has been in the club for three years. Your sponsor must attend and sign your application when applying, vouching for your character and credibility. This is an important part of the membership process. How do you obtain a sponsor if you do not know anyone at the club? Simply start coming to some of our monthly open to the public events and get to meet some people.


New members are required to attend orientation prior to being accepted into the club at the following General Meeting. You will be contacted when a spot becomes available so that you know when to attend. Orientation last for about three hours and covers all of our safety protocols as well as a tour of the club facilities with detailed explanations.

Membership dues: (checks only please!)

  • Application Fee: $150.00 (due at the time of application)
  • Yearly Dues: $150.00 (due at the time of acceptance)
  • Required work hours per year: 8 hours (to be completed before your renewal)

Junior membership (under 18) dues:

  • Must have a parent or legal guardian currently in the club, or joining at the same time.
  • Application Fee: $10.00 (due at the time of application)
  • Yearly Dues: $20.00 (due at the time of acceptance)
  • Required work hours per year: 8 hours (to be completed before your renewal)

First Year Membership:

All applicants elected to senior membership shall be on a provisional status for one (1) full year, starting on the day of the election to membership, and ending at the first anniversary thereof. During this period, the member may be expelled from the club by the Board of Trustees for any violation of the club’s By-Laws, Rules and Regulations or Safety Rules that the Board considers detrimental to the well-being and operations of the club. A Provisional Member does not have voting rights, and can not purchase Club Shares.


  1. Work hours will be arranged by the Chairman of the committee you participate in.
  2. We have various shooting as well as working committees. If you are skilled tradesman or have some other valuable resources the club can benefit from, PLEASE let one of the membership staff know or note it on your application. Langhorne Rod & Gun Club has been and will continue to be built and maintained by it’s members.
  3. If you are a specific type of shooter, and would like to assist in operating the shoots, then please let the membership staff know that as well.
  4. Working the first years work hours in an essential component of orientation to the club. The work hour requirement is designed to build camaraderie and to help you better understand the facilities that we have.
  5. “Free Time Challenged” individuals will be required to “buy” unserved work hours at the current rate of $15/hour, AFTER THE PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP (first) YEAR!

If you have any questions pertaining to membership, please email our membership committee at

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