Steel Challenge

Are you looking for a new exciting pistol shooting experience? Come out and take the Steel Challenge! We set up steel targets at various distances and heights, and time how fast you can shoot each target! These shoots are open to the public.

The steel challenge shoot consists of 3 stages. Each stage has a total of 5 steel targets 12″ round or square. Four of those targets can be shot in any order, the fifth target(stop plate) must be shot last. This stop plate is always supported by a red 2×4. A shooter must have only 6 rounds of ammo each time he/her loads their gun to shoot, as you will be shooting each stage four runs. The highest score will be dropped from the other three and then averaged out for that stage. Each miss is a 5 second time added to your run, if you miss the stop plate you recieve a 30 second score for that run. The steel challenge is set up for good shooters to shoot fast and beginners to learn to shoot fast. Always SAFETY is the top priority. So c’mon out and give it a try, but don’t blame me if you get hooked!!

The shoots are on the third Saturday of the month at the short range. Registration is from 8:00 to 8:30 and shooting begins at 9:00. Shooters should bring handgun; (iron sights and centerfire only), holster, 72 rounds of ammo (no magnum), eye and ear protection, (4) magazines, speed loaders or moon clips. Members pay $10, non members pay $15.

Consult the club calendar for upcoming steel challenge shoots.

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