Fish and Game Committee


In fulfillment of its club charter, the Fish and Game Committee promotes our country’s proud hunting, fishing and conservation heritage. Our mission:

  • to protect, propagate and increase fish and game and improve the habitat of all wildlife;
  • to procure the enactment of laws for the protection and restoration of wildlife, forest, marshes, streams, and lakes,
  • to promote the observance of such laws; to create and foster public sentiment in favor of the protection and restoration of woods, water and wildlife;
  • to promote sportsmanship methods in hunting and fishing and proper respect for the rights of land owners;
  • to cooperate with all associations and agencies having similar objectives;

The Fish and Game Committee holds events throughout the year to support this mission. Please see the Event Schedule below or the LRGC Calendar for updates and last minute events changes.

Please hunt and fish safely and legally, and help us to maintain our vital outdoor traditions.

The Langhorne Rod and Gun Club has a very nice fishing spot on the Neshaminy Creek. The fishing spot is a secluded section of the creek surrounded by land owned by the club. The club stocks the stream with trout each year. Members are free to use the fishing area during normal club hours.

For questions and inquiries:

Consult the calendar and events page for upcoming fishing events.

Would you really really really rather be fishing?

As the Bass Pro Shop Commercial asks…..

Well 2015 is here and I should be out fishing in March. How about you? I fish mostly freshwater but do some saltwater too. Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass and Pickerel are what I am most successful with. Trout and Stripers, I love catching them but I am not as successful with. I fish from shore, kayak fish and fish on some friends’ boats.

I know LRGC has a bunch of fisherman. I would like to connect with the other fishermen in our club and see about getting us working and enjoying fishing together. Some thoughts I had are:

  • Local Fishing trips to local lakes
  • Camping/fishing trips in PA
  • Fishing clinics/meeting to discuss tactics etc(more for off season)
  • An email list that we can update each other and discuss what’s hot

So are you interested? Shoot me an email so we can try to get all of us LRGC fisherman out together in 2015.


Kids Fishing Derby

The weather could not have been better for the 2014 Kids Fishing Derby! The Fishing committee did a great job getting the fish in the creek, and the smiling kids came out in force! We want to send a BIG thanks to everyone who helped out and made this event a success! Bill Rementer captured quite a few smiling kids and their beautiful fish with his camera. Check out Bill’s photos below.

View our Event Schedule or the LRGC Calendar for upcoming fishing events, updates, and last minute events changes.